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From a few banned films at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival to Berlin where it seems sex is not a subject of which can be punishable by the government.

The CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies Festival is happening in Berlin. The background behind the festival reads "Unlike mainstream porn, the event CUM2CUT in Berlin focuses on the activities of the international independent and countercultural queer movement and presents a platform where artists, filmmakers, djs, actors and everyone interested can collaborate."

They have two concepts running, one of which is Porn and the other is Pr0n, the first being pretty self explanatory but requires the filmmaker to create their work with a few items in mind such as having an "@" symbol displayed in the film, the Berlin city map must be shown, and a few others of which can be looked into here. Pr0n however is not necessarily human based pornography, its theme is technology, and to have a better understanding of what they mean, you can view the details of Pr0n here.

This shorter series of works under the concept of bodies and space falls under the 2nd Berlin Porn Film Festival screening in October. The deadline has passed for the bigger festival (July) but Cum2Cut is still accepting entries I believe although this isn't clear on their website but read their regulations carefully because there are a few signature items to include within your "blue" movie.

They say "The Indie-Porn-Short-Movies Festival is open to queer, homo, hetero, lesbo, bisexual and transsexual independent video- and filmmakers, pornographers, performers, screenwriters, directors, queer cultural activists and artists, hackers, free thinkers, excited minds and all the people that like to mix technology and bodies."

So go and revolutionise the way you view smut, here is the program outline below.

CUM2CUT 2007 Programme

20*October ## Reclaim Your Porn! CUM2CUT meets Sabot°Age Opening Party and Starting of the CUM2CUT Competition with the Lottery! Vjs and performances. @ 23.00 Velvet Club Warschauer Strasse (Near U-Bahn Warschauer)
Sabotage Berlin

* Presentation of the C2C Concept a:send meeting with the subscribers
* Porn Lottery: Drawn your category and play at the DIY porn game!
* OigoVisiones vjset project ->sexual&porn images: let's be part of a collective performance: wear white!
* Party Cum2Cut meet Sabot°Age Reclaim your Porn! - all night long Sabot°Age incursions!
* ChillOutPorn Area
* Dj Metzgerei Schnitzlbaumer_(Cum2Cut)
* Dj Mala_Tina + Max_M (Pornflakes)
* Dj Helga_P (Team Orange)
* Dj Franzüss (Sabot°Age)
* Vjs: Boxikus (Sabot°Age) - Oskur (London) - Bildstörung (Berlin) - Oigovisiones(Berlin)

20/24*October Shooting Videos Time

24*October ## Porn Giving Day!
@ LUX, Schlesische Strasse 41 - 10997 Berlin ? Kreuzberg

26*October ## CUM2CUT Movies Projections
18.15 @ Neue Kant Kinos - Kantstrasse 54 - 10627 Berlin - Charlottenburg

ROXANNE (performance) (Detroit)
Dj Olga Damnitz (Minneapolis)
Metzgerei Schnitzlbaumer vs. Tina Pornflakes DJ-Set Part II: Finish what
you've started... (Berlin / Milan)
Dj + Vj Soledad No Duele (Basel)
DJ Warbear ("Phag Off", Rome) + Vj Nikky ("Phag Off", Rome)
@ LUX and TRIXTER, Schlesische Strasse 41 - 10997 Berlin - Kreuzberg.

28*October ## CUM2CUT Awards Ceremony
20.15 @ Neue Kant Kinos - Kantstrasse 54 - 10627 Berlin - Charlottenburg

CUM2CUT Special Event

ConiglioViola [VioletKanichen] PORNO.PIRATE.RABBIT
Porn Film Festival Berlin


Other Events

24*28 October 2007
A very unusal Night Bar in LUX and TRIXTER Club, Schlesische Strasse 41, 10997, in Berlin - Kreuzberg, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli, Gaia Novati, Ena Schnitzlbaumer.
More info:
Porn Film Festival Berlin

AB Gallery
Does it really hurt? Selbstportät eines Freaks
Photography exhibition by Yashima Mishto - Vintage prints
@ AB Project Berlin, Torstrasse 96, Berlin 10119.
Vernissage: October 19th 2007, 7 pm.
Opening: from October 19th to November 7th 2007, with: "Maledictus Freak Circus" performance + Captain SpaceSex performance + Vj (Berlin)
Admission age 18.
Curated by AB Gallery and CUM2CUT.
More info:
Porn Film Festival Berlin

26 October, 2007, 6 - 8 pm, ticket 4 ¤
SM-workshop for beginners with Zanne (Copenhagen)
(more experienced players are welcome too)
more info on:
Porn Film Festival Berlin

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