Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Film Annex

Film Annex is an Online distribution channel for independent filmmakers. Their mission statement says, "Art and independent films (in particular when of foreign language) are often hugely popular at film festivals, but suffer at the distribution level to the point where they often remain undistributed or barely available with low revenues." So what Film Annex offers is a channel where filmmakers can specify the price of their film, the media format (i.e. type of player), the quality (file size). You structure your sales so that your audience has options to choose from when purchasing your work.

There are two variable formats that Film Annex offers for download, one is High Resolution and the other for ipod. The purchaser either pays directly for the film or may get it free/discounted through a sponsorship program. As for promoting your work they say, "Film Annex partners with private and government agencies for promotion of the website. Film Annex has established an affiliate program that grants a commission to the websites that forward costumers to the Film Annex website."

They also feature a Blog and Bulletin board which makes for ease in communicating with fellow filmmakers, heck you might even make some friends. Make sure you go and read their frequently asked questions page for further details on getting your work on the site.

It is free to register with Film Annex, and clearly they will spend time representing your work, but you should remember to get that word of mouth marketing tool happening as well, include your Film Annex channel in your emails, group emails as a signature just to let people know.

Always check the fine print in any distribution scenario, you don't want to get locked into anything - Film Annex doesn't seem to have any of these stipulations but it pays to make a habit of checking.

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