Monday, 3 September 2007


I'm all for supporting video hosting sites that are genre, target audience, and mission statement specific. When we think about putting our films on the net, the first place that probably springs to mind is YouTube, then we might consider Atom Film's free to net public site. The only issue is that these mass video streaming sites are flooded with videos, they don't offer a demographic portfolio that allows us to maximise our film's viewership, and often restrictions in content leaves some filmmakers with a strike against their account.

The way to get around this is to upload your films on sites that don't just leave your films to sink or swim, sites that endeavor to work for your films, and sites that want an exclusive outcome for their content. The first site we will feature here on this Blog is Jumungo. So what is Jumungo? Here is what the Jumungo Team has to say about Jumungo ...

Jumungo is an artist showcase geared towards the promotion of talented filmmakers, musicians, actors or other performers. Jumungo is a free site to post, in almost any video format, your independent film, short, animation, trailer, music video, audition, live footage, compilation or any talent or performance. Jumungo was created mainly to help any artist gain exposure of their talents and ultimately getting people noticed for furthering their success. Any content posted on Jumungo can be viewed by the public, rated and critiqued, or even downloaded if allowed by author. Jumungo does not own or have any copyrights to the content posted but we reserve the right to delete any adult content, extreme violence, overtly racial or biased videos, or any content deemed universally unsuitable.

Jumungo allows for downloads which is useful to keep in mind in an age when ipods and mobile phones will be the next big wave in viewer libraries of video content. The amount of films so far is small but the layout is nicely done and the video players easily stream the material in their embedded spots. David the Marketing Director of Jumungo says "We also allow users to post in almost any video format and artists can upload clips of nearly any size including full we're great for independent filmmakers. The artist who posts the video can also allow it to be downloaded directly. This might be helpful for an entertainment executive who wants to put together a presentation or review many artists while on a trip. Everything mentioned are unique features of Jumungo as YouTube has limits on the types of formats used, the size of the files posted and they can never be downloaded".

Having the ability to be flexible on size and file type means you get the most quality for your preference of streaming format that works best with your video, no messy conversion attempts ending up in drop-outs and let's face it jumbling data even with professional conversion programs to suit uploading can confuse our little electronic friends and cause some irritating surprises.

So add Jumungo to your list of Online Film Streaming sites, and remember just as you would plan and devise a marketing strategy and niche scheme for your festival out-put, so you might like to consider the same for your web distribution.


Chris Chaos said...

We used Jumungo and have no problems with it..highly recommended for filmmakers that want their content seen!

Chris Chaos
Axis Video
PO BOX 551
Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Rups said...

Hi Chris,

that's great, for filmmakers planning a niche distribution plan, the boutique sites are very useful in tailoring that. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.


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