Saturday, 29 September 2007

Nice Shorts

Nice Shorts is an Australian Online streaming site that works in a magazine style format with News and Interviews plus of course short film streaming. To submit your film you must register. The layout is clean and the videos are not given sharing facility, but you can choose your player and leave comments. The problem with some video hosting sites is that they begin with such verve and then come to a grinding halt.

Take Upstart Films for example, they had a ridiculous system of charging an acceptance fee to have films screened on their site, if your film was chosen that is. Of course charging filmmakers to have their work screened on the net is just not going to work with so many free sites available that have a much broader audience and functions available on the site. I feel sorry for the filmmakers who pumped $35 of their limited cash resources into Upstart Films - they would have been better off buying a pair of headphones and uploading their work onto YouTube or Atom, but there you go.

Really it doesn't matter too much if the site goes down, the options for plugging your work Online is rapidly growing. Nice Shorts has a similar layout to Upstart Films, so we'll see if they can keep their News, Festivals, and Interview section fresh because ultimately that's what you need in order for people to keep on returning or going to the site.

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