Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Not another student video competition

Yep. The only difference is that this one also allows submissions from filmmakers who are not students. Sadly I am not eligible for this prize as I am 31 years of age, and to prove it I may just turn up on the cover of a special edition Ansell Condom packet, you can vote for my picture which is me standing in the shower holding a broken umbrella - the significance? Well, I was aiming for an analogy of not being protected against the spray of the shower - okay but enough of that unusual stuff I find myself doing whilst not making films. When I say that I am not eligible I mean that this competition is for filmmakers in the 15-19 years bracket, I am to understand that there are younger people than myself so if you read this Blog or know of anyone who fits that age, and is an Australian resident, then it might be just the thing to do - why? Well, the prize is $5000 worth of editing systems, digital cameras etc. For a filmmaker in their formative years, winning this would be invaluable.

The deadline for registering is 30th of September, and following that, the submission deadline is 2nd of November making time tight but all you have to do is make a 2-3 minute piece on a chosen vocation. They give you a list.

The project is run by The Crew, which should not be mistaken for the Melbourne-based Improvisational Comedy Troupe because this project springs from Sydney and is broadcast on SBS - the website is The Crew where you can download the competition guidelines - so if you fit the bill and are looking to white collar up so that after when you win, you can go back to spiky studded black leather collaring up, then I would have a crack at this competition.

If any other organisations are running competitions, let me know and I'll do a write up. If your film is in competition, let me know also, because the more people who recognise to vote for your efforts, the more likely you are to walk away with the rewards.

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