Thursday, 6 September 2007

Sydney Underground Film Festival

The Sydney Underground Film Festival is about to buck into the cinema pit this Friday and here at snuffboxfilms we'll be covering it thanks to the festival organisers and Blogger Dale Slamma, who'll be guest Blogging her impressions and possibly her expressions (If she takes a camera along). The festival runs from Friday the 7th of September until Monday the 10th, tickets will be almost slim pickings at the rate they are being gobbled up by film aficionados, so if you want to squeeze in then click over to the festival pass page.

Other festival news to hand is the extended deadline for Redfest the Redland Film Festival which is now pushed forward to the 30th of September. The guidelines and entry information can be directly accessed here. The festival runs out of Moreton Bay in Queensland.

Another short film competition is being run by Free Range TV in association with Northern Access Television. The theme is "What makes your local community unique?", so making a five minute short film that expresses how you "tune in" to your local community is the main criteria. Prizes are to be won and the selected films will be broadcast on Channel 31. The dealine is Friday 12th of October. If I was considering this for my local community I'd say that after six pints of beer at the local pub, I'm pretty well tuned in to my local community. Here is a direct link to the pdf entry form. As they say on the website, "get cracking".

What I might arrange tonight is a widget for film festivals that have current entries open so that you don't miss any from not reading any of the back-posts on this Blog.

I'll be doing some posting on the Melbourne Underground Film Festival which is fast approaching and looks to be another pie in the face to the square festivals.


Dale Slamma said...

Woo hoo! I am articulate as well as famous. Yes?

Rups said...

Yes Dale, you are all that but are you the real Dale Slamma? ;) Rups

Feed me, Seymour!

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