Sunday, 14 October 2007


Filmaka has just brought to my attention their website which brings into competition films judged by filmmakers and an external jury, the latter of which, if wins, is promised a Feature Film deal with Filmaka. So what, how, where and why is Filmaka? Based in Los Angeles Filmaka seems to be a project with a bit of gusto behind it, stating some of its jurors as Bill Pullman, Paul Schrader and Wim Wenders - they state in the guidelines that "Entry Level contest occurs periodically, up to 20 winners are selected and each is given $500 cash prize. They then move into the jury level contest."

The next stage is as they state - "At the Jury level contest, all winners from the Entry Level are given a $1000 to make a second clip on the same subject. Two winners are selected. The first winner is given $3000 cash prize and a runner-up is given a $2000 cash prize. The winner and runner-up move into the final level. A special Jury prize will also be announced at the Jury level which wins no cash but qualifies to compete in the yearly contest in addition to the Jury Level winners and runner ups."

Then the last lap of the contest is ...

"Final level contest happens yearly. The winners, runners up and special jury prize winner from each jury level contests compete for the grand feature film contract and the runner up wins a $5000 cash."

There are contest rules to do with subject matter themes and also potential disqualifications resulting from not voting etc. It gets pretty heady so make sure you read over everything. They require music release forms and talent release forms all to be adhered to. There is a $5 US basic membership or Premium Membership of $15 US, either way it is cheaper than a chocolate bar these days. Finally you better go read the submission guidelines, so as to avoid dotting your T's and crossing your I's.

I don't know anything about this competition but it was brought to my attention, and if you Google Bill Pullman you get a Wikipedia mention of his involvement in the ongoing amateur film making contest that is Filmaka, and same goes for another one of its jury Werner Herzog.

So get stuck into it, have a read, have a kerfuffle, make a film and be back in bed by eight.

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