Monday, 15 October 2007

Green Screen

There are a veritable filmic forest of environmental film festivals around the globe so I thought for Blog Action Day I'd list a few of them here on snuffboxfilms. Even if your films don't have a significant environmental message, they might be in some way green themed.

Artivist Film Festival

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

Black Maria Film and Video Festival

Charleston Environmental Documentary Film Festival

Cornell Environmental Film Festival

DC Environmental Film Festival

EarthDance: The Short-Attention-Span Environmental Film Festival

EarthVision Santa Cruz Environmental Film & Video Festival


Global Visions Film Festival

Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival

International Wildlife Media Center & Film Festival

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Marin Environmental Film Festival


Planet In Focus: Toronto International Environmental Film & Video Festival

Undercurrents: BEyONdTV

Vermont International Film Festival

Wild Spaces Environmental Film Festival

Wildscreen Festival

World Community Film Festival

World Population Film and Video Festival

A thank-you to Ecofootage for making my search easier, I have one more Blog to to make Green, that's four today then!


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