Saturday, 13 October 2007

Mobifest and Cyprus Short Film Festival

The deadline is fast approaching for Mobifest in Toronto, it is the 31st of October. They say "Great Awards! This year $5000 in cash, Treo smartphones and many other cool prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Best Animation, Best Canadian Film, Eye Weekly Best Toronto Filmmaker, Caught on Treo and Best of Festival."

The Cyprus Short Film Festival is also now calling for entries - the deadline is January 30Th 2008. Only films produced after January 2006 are eligible. It is free to enter, hooray for that. It seems pretty mad that festivals cover both ends with filmmakers paying one way and audiences paying the other, why can't they just make up their bloody minds. If the filmmaker pays then the audience gets in for free, if the audience pays then the filmmaker submits for free, you can't always have your cake and eat it too. The awards are:

The awards are:

Best fiction short film
Best experimental short film

Best fiction short film script
Best experimental short film script

Best editing in a fiction short film
Best editing in an experimental short film

Best cinematography in a fiction short film
Best cinematography in an experimental short film

Best acting in a short film (common)

You can go straight to the pdf application form here.

I really must do something about putting a current festival deadline widget up on the sidebar, Pindax was becoming too much of a slow pain in the arse to tac festival deadlines on. There must be an easier way! maybe I'll just put in a link list and manually place them that way.

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