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Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn

This post was originally removed for a period due to "Cyber-Bullying" that only relented once it had been removed. The Bully in question took badly to my opinion, didn't like the review, thought the documentary was excellent and couldn't stand someone having a public view on it otherwise. Although I left the original Bully's comments on the site with my initially acerbic responses, soon afterwards another person or the same person began a barrage of personal and eventually threatening comments on this Blog. It followed with them then leaving a nasty comment on one of my YouTube Videos expressing this rather worrying remark ...

"Cute?? Can u believe this **beep**? He's tryin's so hard to be charmin', he is so damned insecure, he doesnt know just how REPULSIVE he is. Drown in your bathtub, Capote boy. Uggggghhhhhh."

This comment followed after I had turned on comment moderation to this Blog. After I had turned on the comment moderation, the Bully resorted to sending several further insults posing under another fake profile. Most of the time a Bully will do this when they don't feel in control of the situation and although it can make them even more aggressive it is the only way to prevent them from obsessively wasting your time trying to "get at you". We all know the Bully from school who would wait at the gate especially for their target, not much has changed in the virtual world, and these people use up a lot of time and energy devoted to attempting to make others suffer in order to make up for some issue they themselves are wrestling with.

The reason why I suspect, but it is in no way a confirmed suspicion, that this person is in some way involved with the filmmakers, and my theory which is only a theory is that my review or opinion turns up on the first page of Google when the title of the documentary is searched for, for reasons of gain and sales, it makes sense that the filmmakers wouldn't want a negative review of their work ranking so highly on Google. This is backed up with the silence of the Bully once the post was removed, and my expectations that he will begin again now this post has been republished.

A comment he made to me regarding "Wilting sooner or later" made sense that someone didn't want this review damaging potential sales of the doco. Other factors raised my suspicions such as the original abuser defending the amount of information able to be put into the 55 minute documentary, this seemed like the response from someone who had some control over the content that was to be included in the film. Regardless, it would be sad if the filmmakers had to resort to these tactics to justify their work, if it isn't the case and this guy is just a loose cannon grinding his teeth at anything he doesn't agree with, then he is as mad as Mark Chapman, and probably potentially just as dangerous.

A little on Cyber Bullying and the Law. New legislation is happening all the time to cope with this influx of nasty individual who rather then using their own forum to express ideas, enters into other people's spaces and seeks to cause emotional and mental harm to their target. Unfortunately at this level, nothing can be done about it until they get to the extreme where a possible court order can be issued. I rest my case.

Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn aired tonight on the ABC not long after it had finished its post-production, and been screened in the Melbourne International Film Festival. The writer stated in an interview on the Victoria University website that "I started thinking about Flynn's potential as a subject for a television documentary. Not surprisingly, this had been done before, but not by an Australian production team." - quite true. Only problem with an Australian production team having made a documentary about Errol Flynn, it would have perhaps been better had they not.

There were a few precious gems of footage but so what? It doesn't warrant a regurgitation of same old ideas on Errol Flynn. It wasn't fast and furious even, talking heads, terrible archival photo zoom outs, and being that I've read almost every book on the subject of Errol, and articles galore, it misses out on so many racier and more adventurous tales to spin (not to mention more interesting and esoteric insights about his character), and yes, in the end, where is the spin?

Errol was larger then life, using tiresome techniques that were used by the Florence Broadhurst documentary, we saw some attempts at jazzing up the sequences - if you are planning on going Gilliam, then hell, go Gilliam, and do it properly. Not only but also ... talking heads are boring, have the interviewees wandering about the place, perhaps something in link with Errol, not just sitting in front of the camera spouting their own rather general views on Errol's nature. The Errol narration cut from old broadcasts was a nice touch but caught up too late, the ending tried to give us something the documentary never had, spirit.

Tasmanian Devil was like a Sunday drive, and yes I am completely aware that some biographies took to Errol as scandal after scandal but at least in researching a documentary like this, set that up as content also. If you are going to mention The Sun Also Rises then you have to reference the similarity of Hemingway to Errol, if you are going to mention Too Much Too Soon, then bring up Barrymore. If you are going to mention Cuban Rebel Girls then mention its B-Grade soft core porn producer Barry Mahon. Give Errol's surrounding influences and stature some richness, they were the many Culicidae that hummed around Errol's flickering personality.

There is better music to appropriate the images about Errol too, so many songs have been written about him, why not incorporate that into a contemporary documentary. There are Irish Pub songs, Spanish spoken word pieces, and hardcore glam rock in the form of The Dogs D'Amour. Using the excerpts from the dreadful Guy Pearce film called "Flynn" should have been never considered as representations of early Flynn life. They were kind of chucked into the documentary and looked ridiculous, out of place - that film was awful for starters, why return the favour?

What about Flynn's bar brawls, his highschool beat ups, his down and out days in Sydney, his morphine use which was only slightly sniffed at, what about his amazing stories (why not include Flynn's own tall tales?), so many things and yet what did we have? The same stuff everyone says about Errol. Poorly researched.

What about Errol's life in England? The documentary started out as a map of Errol's progress but using that technique would have to warrant a proper trace and not skip some important details. There were so many holes in this documentary I was appalled the AFC backed it. Typical wastage of finances.


John Liberstro said...


I've been asked by a friend, Jim Broomfield, to deliver the following message to you and this web site, for what it's worth:

"Hello, Yes, right - let it all hang out.


Cyber-hypocrites - I mean you who moderate this particular site and who claim, fraudulently, to promote the free exchange of ideas: I'm sorry to see that you have resorted to this, and that ALL CONTRARY posts are being now blocked; it looks like a serious nerve has been touched, and that censorship is now the norm on this web site. Frankly, never in my wildest dreams did I think you would resort to this. Sad. This will have repercussions for you."

It continues: "And as for 'cyber-bullying,' please look to yourself. I mean, examine your original film review, plus your subsequent personal posts.

And Welcome to the Soviet Union."

I'm not sure what any of that means, but I'm delivering the message, as asked. Please don't shoot me, the messenger!

John Liberstrom

John Liberstro said...

Don't worry, old sods - you and your pathetic web site's blatant censorship will soon be revealed. How sad. It was all so civilized - until now.

I guess poor old Rupert, who just LUVS to dish it out, and who LUVS to insult others, well, he just can't take it, after all.

What SOVIET UNION tactics -what hypocracy - keep right on censoring, old lads. As I say, it will all be revealed soon.

"Bullying takes on many forms" - Polonius.

Rups said...

Above are the last couple of comments left by the said person mentioned at the beginning of this post - As soon as I had turned on comments moderation they compared me to "The Soviet Union" in the sense of what I don't know, I like Russia and my short film on Errol Flynn has screened there now four times.

Notice in these last two comments he at first posed as someone else but then mistakingly forgot to pose under is other identity with the following remark. Clearly a dolt.

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