Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Underground Film Festival

I haven't been posting so much due to much of my time taken up doing work and homework. Last night I attended a private screening of a feature film of which I had a cameo role in called "How to change the world" written and directed by Leo Berkeley. The film at the moment is still in the tweaking stages and having the screening was a tool used for the director to gain feedback, and for the cameo role people like myself to get drunk and babble rubbish all night.

Anyway, those of you who aren't aware of Underground Film the film hosting site then it is about time you were. Underground Film is dedicated to works that are independent and their mission statement is extremely positive towards filmmakers working in the fringes of the film industry. Recently they have just developed an Undergroundfilm - Maker Festival with a grand prize of $5000. The screenings and awards to be held in December at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco. I can't go because our Melbourne tram service unfortunately doesn't extend itself to the States.

The festival seeks to award filmmakers on a body of work rather then an individual film making the festival quite different from the usual.

So here is what you do ...

Portfolio submission---submit at least two of your films to Undergroundfilm
by November 17.

Interview--semifinalists will be selected to have a videotaped interview by
November 22.

Assignment---semifinalists will be given a short film assignment to be
completed by December 10 (sort of a 456-hour festival)

They say here ...

"The work of five finalists will be shown at our screening. In addition to
our grand prize, there will be awards for Best Portfolio, Best Interview,
Best Assignment."

and also ...

"If you already have a portfolio of work on Undergroundfilm, you can enter
the festival by sending an email to kristin@undergroundfilm.org with the
words "PUT (your name here) IN THE MAKERFEST" in the subject line.

If you don't have a portfolio yet, you can submit it at
Underground Film Submit then send that email.

Another festival to light is the Faux Film Festival.

Here are the details ...

"Send us your spoofs, mocumentaries, music parodies, faux commercials,
and faux trailers! The only festival of its kind in the world is back
for the fourth straight year at the historic Hollywood Theatre in
Portland, Oregon. Submission rates go up each month through December, so
submit now while they are at their lowest!"

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