Thursday, 8 November 2007


A friend of mine is curating or programming a brand new film festival at Carriageworks in Eveleigh, apparently Sydney's most amazing new art space. I have not been there but Megan Spencer, the programmer says it is "a little slice of Berlin", and considering that my short film after having been banned by the OFLC from MUFF just won second place in the Pr0n category of Cum2Cut a partner program of the Berlin Porn Film Festival, I tend to be a little biased towards loving the Germans right now. Anyway I may just pluck up the courage again to ask Dale when she is feeling better to go and meet Megan because I think they would get along.

Okay, so this film festival is called Destfest and the premise behind it is to present film in a cultural way, that is from my own interpretation, not just as a vehicle to hit the mark and pick up a prize, but something involved in our lives, something that inspires, or even perhaps helps fertilise our natures, our characteristics, our attitudes, as individual or as collectives. Megan am I right? Below is the flyer for Destfest.


Dale Slamma said...

Ask away Rups, I'm on the mend.

Rups said...


oh goodie, let me organise it then.


Feed me, Seymour!

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