Monday, 19 November 2007


Sometimes you may find yourself stranded at a friend's house, just shot some footage, and not wanting to go home and kick start Final Cut for a piffy amount of footage it would be handy to have an Online editing suite at your disposal - well, Jumpcut is such a tool. Using images, video and audio, even text, putting together a quick Youtube, Myspace or Facebook cinematic ditty couldn't be any easier.

But why stop there? Need to edit some title cards? Then try using Snipshot the Online photo editor. So now even with your laptop, wireless, and a camera phone you can truly live out the beatific lifestyle.

Finally, if you feel locked out of the international market due to language barriers and can't afford expensive translator services - try doing your best using BubblePly where adding subtitles is as easy as un, deux, trois.

And it is all FREE!

So imaginary scenario one is that you managed to catch Mick Jagger having it off in the toilets and this ground breaking news just has to hit the Net ASAP, then you've got no excuses, oh wait where's the USB cable?

Imaginary scenario two is that you are stuck in class and bored out of your brains wanting to do something creative to pass the time between lecturers giving you the run down on the history of their early careers.

Imaginary scenario three is having watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas too many times you have Gonzo journalism pumping from your temples and putting everything in print red and raw is the only way you can settle the over intake of mescaline.

Imaginary scenario four is the absolutely hysterical plot you and three friends have dreamed up drunk at a party, and it simply wont be the same shot a week later, sober.

Imaginary scenario five is that you are so poor anything free that can keep your creative juices flowing has got to be good for you.

Want more of an animated mix-media feel, then give TouFee a whizz, it's a flash Flash editor.

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