Monday, 26 November 2007

The Making of Errol Flynn's Pianist

Guess what? My rejection arrived safely from Raw Nerve. The nerve of them to send such a polite rejection slip! Nevermind, a filmmaker becomes so immune to such things that being accepted by anything tastes ten times sweeter.

Below I have created the "Making of Errol Flynn's Pianist" using Voicethread. The reason for doing so in this way was because during the shoot we had a digital camera to capture some behind the scenes footage but because we were so pushed for time we shot very little, between set-ups I got my 1st AD to round up a small amount of behind the scenes action. However I was lucky enough to have Ben Richards on board playing the role of Orson Welles and he happens to be a professional photographer and so took about sixty snaps during the shoot.

I then decided to be creative and use them with the commentary by the cast and crew, as well as myself on Voicethread. This is only very fresh at the moment and I've only just sent out invitations to cast and crew to comment, so it will hopefully grow into a full blown 'making of' document.

The advantage of using the Digital Story medium such as Voicethread is handy also for me because I can simply invite cast and crew to record audio, video or type text about their experiences without having to chase them down and organise a separate day for shooting interviews. Some actors are now overseas like Madeline French and others, so this really is the most practical way I could think to present a 'making of' under these circumstances.

Voicethread is different from other Digital Story applications as it allows for interactivity and this perhaps is the most important part of having my actors and crew all pitching in with their views on the production - it also allows for many of them to comment about the film once they have seen it, and perhaps down the track I will open it up for comments by the general public on having seen the film - it would be good however if the free version of Voicethread allowed slightly more then 50 slides only.

Another thing that serves me well with this kind of production is that because Errol Flynn's Pianist is only a short film, and a one minute film at that, it seems kind of pompous and pointless to go to the extent of making another film to show the 'making of' especially since using alternative methods of distribution will be how I will promote the film anyway. I doubt it will appear on a DVD of its own with an Extras Section that features 'the making of'.

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