Sunday, 25 November 2007

Red versus Blue

No it isn't the classic Machinima series but the election here in Oz (it is a country by the way not a prison colony - actually it was a prison colony so I guess the television series has something in its title) which is well and truly over - but that is not why I've neglected to post. I've neglected to post because I've been concentrating on non-film like duties. Um, like cooking dinner, doing shopping, assignments which have an ever increasing mid-December deadline, waiting for the Raw Nerve funding rejection to come through (I didn't want to say anything because you can jinx these things y'know). I kind of like Baudelaire's method of warding off creditors by sending them fifty lines on some extraterrestrial subject and am thinking of doing the same to film festivals and funding bodies. They might get a fifty line treatise on why Daleks would make good indoor pets or whether or not they make window boxes big enough for Triffids.

I've been also reading all the responses to the election on our Online journalism pages here and it just causes rashes of annoyance so I stopped. I'm very glad I have little political opinions. I figured a long time ago that if I wasn't going to make the effort to get involved and make a difference I'd stop opening my mouth up about it and concentrate on the areas of interest I do have where I can make a difference.

My scripts don't have anything political in them at all, indeed I find politics generally dull and irrelevant except at the council level where I can see them, and if they go to destroy a park or something at least I can projectile curdling custard at them or wiggle my private parts until they relent. I wouldn't have a clue what they get up to in parliament house, they could all be getting naked and scrubbing each other down for all I know.

I will get back to it probably next week.

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