Monday, 5 November 2007

St Kilda Film Festival 2008

I am no stranger to the St Kilda Film Festival having had a film I shot and lit many years ago accepted in called "Break-Up International", directed by Adam Zwar (Rats & Cats, Wilfred) but ever since I have flung my plucky short films their way and have had them bounce every time - next year may be no different as I'm submitting "Errol Flynn's Pianist" for their rejection just to keep the routine consistent.

However ...

You may want to have your film rejected by the St Kilda Film Festival 2008 because right now they are accepting entries all over again. The deadline is February the 1st 2008, and the prize as usual is the whopping big $10, 000 of which to put mildly could keep any filmmaker off the streets for a few months. There are a whole heap of entry conditions so you might want to zip along here and get reading.

Otherwise the website is looking pretty slim pickings at the moment considering they are celebrating their 25th birthday but who knows, their website developers might have something special up their sleeves or rather under their mouse mats.


Get those videos packing because there are two more weeks to go to get your goods into the Free Range TV film comp ... and it is FREE to enter, so why not.


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