Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sweeney Todd

I have fond memories of the story of Sweeney Todd - The demon barber of Fleet Street. First as a young lad seeing a production of the stage show that aired on television and having been recorded was a staple re-watch along with Mike Batt's System 605 and Orpheus in the Underworld. My next experience was actually appearing in the stage show musical of Sweeney Todd as the magician. Now, as I hope with these stories, a competent director and cast have reproduced it for the big screen.

Burton is a style master, like Gilliam, rarely straying from his own set of ingredients and I appreciate that. Although I probably these days would never be bowled over by anything Burton does, I do the one thing that I love about good cinema, enjoy it. Depp although not an obvious choice of lead but logical as he makes the lives of a certain class directors easier by coming on board continuously on projects will do nicely - his all too soon return to the cockney like accent not unexpected as this also is a habit of Johnny, to stick with his current trends until the wind changes again - the only gnawing element being borrowed mannerisms from his previous film.


I did have the trailer embedded in here but it was not adjustable so opted for the convenient one click link for those who might be interested.


Henson Ray said...

Thanks for including the trailer. I hadn't seen it yet. I actually saw the original Broadway production of "Sweeney Todd," but I didn't really appreciate it until I saw it a second time. Then I really liked it. But the trailer is sort of misleading. There's only one short sequence when Johnny Depp is singing. Otherwise, it looks like the whole film is spoken. Weird way to set up your audience.

Anyway, great blog. Good luck with this!


Henson Ray said...


I'm interested to see the movie regardless of what the preview shows. I'm just wondering how the public will react once they see the film is actually a musical. As always, Johnny Depp makes interesting choices, though he certainly wasn't someone I ever thought of in the role.

My blog is called "Henson's Hell" (http://hensonshell.blogspot.com/),which is an off-shoot of "It Happened in Plainfield." So one vehicle sort of promotes the other.


Rups said...


yes! The trailer is misleading and I get the feeling that Warner Bros had something to do with the way they have chosen to market the film - the story is much more sinister then the trailer makes out and they forgot to give it that sinister and wicked feel too. Just having watched the trailer and knowing that the screenplay wont be faithful to the original script, the line where Johnny says "At last my arm is complete" would have had a much more sardonic and witty come back with the following line of seeing the guys hand hanging out of the basket, "Yes, but what are we going to do with his?" instead of "Yes, but what are we going to do with him?" - still trailers don't reflect the films accurately anyway.

I had a look at your site and see it is a serialised novel? How come you decided to set it up as a website and not a Blog, are you aiming to get it published? I know that by enabling novels to sits on Blogs with the capability of reader comments is apparently very appealing to publishers and some actually hunt down novels on the net via search engines, and Blogs are much more search engine optimised. Just a curiosity.


Rups said...

Ah excellent Henson,

will have to keep up to speed with your writing.


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