Thursday, 22 November 2007

Underground Filmmaker Festival

The deadline has been extended for the Underground Filmmaker Festival orchestrated by one of my favourite media hosting sites Underground Film - the latest press statement I received from them says ...

"As more films come in and more sponsors come on board with more awards, we have decided to extend the festival deadline and move our screening to January 31st.

I would like to invite you to submit your films to the Undergroundfilm Maker Festival, a new way to celebrate film. Seagate Technologies is offering a Grand Prize of $5000 and Current TV will give winners the opportunity to have their work broadcast to 40 million cable TV subscribers. There is no entry fee.

The UGFMF is a filmmaker-centered festival. To enter, you must submit a portfolio at least two films, old or new. The best portfolios will go to the next round, where the filmmakers will complete a videotaped interview and a short film assignment. Finalists will have their films, interviews and assignments screened at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco.

The new deadline for portfolio submission is December 17."

There is no entry fee! At snuffboxfilms I am biased towards any festival that opts not to have a fee or has a very low entry fee. Big entry fees are salt to the wounds of having hocked your ipod, worked five weekends in a row shoveling quick sand, and considerations of becoming the poor man from Elysian Fields in order to cover production costs during the shoot of your film.

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