Tuesday, 11 December 2007

FILMAKA Wild Card Competition

Latest press release from Filmaka.

"The response and feedback we've received to the first year of FILMAKA has been tremendous.....so many great films and so many great filmmakers! Thank You for your support and valuable contributions.

The FILMAKA staff and jury were blown away by the quality and the quantity of the submissions. Unfortunately, it was impossible to award every film that deserved to be recognized. We, therefore, would like to end our first year with a "Wildcard" contest in addition to the regularly scheduled competition. One winner will be chosen by you, the Filmaka members, and the other winner will be chosen
by the Filmaka staff. These two winners will be allowed to compete in the final Director's competition in January.

The competition is open. That means no theme, no genre. The clip should be 1 to 3 minutes.
You have total creative freedom but remember to tell a great story and to create memorable characters."Wild Card" begins December 1st and ends December 28th. The winners will be announced January 6th.

Filmaka.com is a online competition, judged by award winning filmmakers including Werner Herzog, Neil LaBute, Paul Schrader and Wim Wenders, and founded by leading independent producers and financiers. Filmmakers have a new chance to enter each month, and submissions are accepted in 10 different languages.

Please visit www.filmaka.com to see past contest submissions, and for complete rules, terms and conditions. Membership is free for full time students: email collegeregistration@filmaka.com from your school issued email account for more information."

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