Saturday, 1 December 2007

One Minute Film Festivals

Here is a one minute list of the shortest of the short film festivals that will take you about sixty seconds to read. Got a lot to say with brevity? Then take note. I'll add more as they arise.

  • Croatian One Minute Film Festival

  • YaTube - Scotland.

  • Film Minute - the International One Minute Film Festival.

  • One Minute Film and Video Festival - Toronto.

  • The Curious City Short Short Film Festival - Indianapolis.

  • "One Minute" International Film and Video Festival - Switzerland.

  • Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 60 Second Competition - Dublin.

  • The New York Minute Film Festival - New York

  • The One Minutes - Beijing.

  • 60 Second Shakespeare - BBC

  • The One Minute Festival of Spain

  • Pravda Viena Minute

  • Depict (90 Seconds)

  • The 60 Second Film Festival

  • Lumen Eclipse

  • Extra Short Film Festival

  • Rootclip

  • This list continues to be edited as Festivals come and go, or website owners decide to update.

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