Thursday, 31 January 2008

2008 Sexy International Film Festival

Putting the word "sexy" in anything down under is going to cause somewhat of a hive of investigation from the OFLC and filmmakers may end up like I did having a gig on the Refused Classification website. It seems that sex comes a close second to unbalancing the fragile stability of our society to terrorism. Although if Turly accepts my film he can at least be reassured that it can screen in London and Paris without a blink of the eye from any official.

This press release just arrived fresh in my mail box ...

The SEXY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, created by Australian Filmmaker
Jason Turley (Welcome Stranger) is a week long event to be held each
September in Melbourne with the winning films traveling to London AND
Paris in October for public screenings.

The festival will showcase shorts and features from across the globe
which explore relationships and human sexuality.

The festival has a competition, the sexy awards, with framed
certificates and prizes donated by sponsors up for grabs.

A local guest will open the festival and an International guest will
hand out the awards on closing night after a screening of their film.
They will then be inducted into the Sexy Hall of Fame.

Call for Entries March 1 to June 30.

Submission address and details to follow.

To keep up to date with developments email subscribe to
sexyfilmfest [at] or join our myspace site or Friends of the Sexy
International Film Festival facebook group.

Jason Turley
Festival Director

Contact Info
Email: sexyfilmfest [at]
Website Sexyfilmfest, Friends of the Sexy
International Film Festival (Facebook)

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