Friday, 25 January 2008


My next short is being shot on this tidy Eumig Double 8mm camera. Using 8mm or even 16mm film stock has really become an achievable option for filmmakers wanting to shoot cheaply on a medium that has its own texture and flavour. The difference, the main difference when working with film as opposed to Digital is the effort put into the scenes. The trouble with Digital is the tendency to be lazy with shooting, not necessarily with all the technical aspects of framing a shot but with the actual shooting of the shot. The ease of production becomes psychosomatic towards not putting in the effort to get the shot absolutely right - with Digital, often performances are slackened by being able to pump out hundreds of takes instead of really getting it right on the third take.

As our attention spans shrink with the rapidity of viewing technology and mass amounts of images, so does the process of production. Still, I am excited that we have Digital but I am more excited that film is becoming more accessible.

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