Saturday, 5 January 2008

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I'm hoping everyone had a terrific Christmas and New Years, and resolutions have been promptly broken as they are likely to be, especially for us smokers, who usually make the 'quit' smoking number one, move it to two, then three, then four, then five, and eventually it falls off the list.

I am on the last stretch for my short film 'Errol Flynn's Pianist' having as I write this audio mastered on its one minute track, very exciting. There is only a few extra bits needed to type into credits and then I'm done. Done, done, done.

Also I have arranged to co-write another script since the writing of 'The Life O'Simon' was so enjoyable I figure it a really nice way to work and some of my favourite films have two or even three writers involved making for a really nicely layered narrative.

I have a trip in mind soon (2009) to go to Wales to check out Dragon International Studios (aka Valleywood) and Glamorgan University to consider doing my PHD in Film Practice. Got to get scouting for some discount accommodation. The reason for making this change is because the Australian Film Industry ("don't use that word" - Adaptation) is extremely limited in potential for being able to make films easily.

I researched everywhere in regards to suitable Universities in which to study and teach at and although every country I wanted to go to was equipped with an International Film School - only Glamorgan University had what I really desired, a film practice PHD run through the regular University system and not some specialised course thing that cost an arm and a leg, and an International Studio on campus. How is that for 'snap'.

American readers wont understand what I'm talking about when I cuss the film Industry in Australia, because in America as in some countries in Europe there is entrepreneurial verve towards film making. People don't get excited about ideas here very often, the attitude is more blasé and if excitement is to be had, it is more reserved and prissy. There is no digging the nails in, it's all soft strokes, and I've had ten years of it. Ten years of Industry professionals whispering that change is inevitable every couple of years - and of course nothing really changes, people just get older.

So for me, I need a new perspective. If I was to go anywhere my choices would be San Francisco, Wales, Berlin, and France. That's about it, funny though, the change of atmosphere never factored into my New Year's resolutions but I guess that is good then because it means there is nothing to break.


badMike said...

As an American: No, I don't understand, but it sounds awfully frustrating. And I'm completely baffled by the whole movie funding and ratings systems you guys have. I don't get that movies need classifications to play in festivals.

Rups said...


it's a really strange way of functioning I admit considering industries worldwide as role-models you would think might inspire a different approach considering professionals here get frustrated at the lack of achievment in our output.

Our rating system does suck, it's old guard British watchdog type behavior.


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