Sunday, 3 February 2008

Australian Out of Focus

Australian Government Culture and Recreation Portal has politely written to me stating that they can't list the snuffboxfilms Blog because "We feel that it does not meet the essential criterion of "focus, on Australian culture and recreation, which is evident from its primary concerns, access to information and comprehensive nature of the information". They have 346 film and digital media links, some of which lead to websites long since 'out of order', and others certainly do NOT focus on Australian culture and recreation (whatever that is).

I would have thought that the mere fact that I live and make films in Australia would be enough as they have plenty of listings of Australian filmmaker's websites whose work isn't necessarily culturally representative of this country. Actually the real reason they knocked back this Blog was, as we all know, that the content is marginal, it is underground, it is at times exploitative, and has nothing to do with iconic Australian symbolism which is dry, boring, and overdone.

Of course I wouldn't have even mentioned the website had they not turned me away, oh well it is back to plastering posters with this Blog address scrawled on with permanent marker onto telegraph poles and the skirting boards around construction sites.

Here I am modeling the Cum2Cut t-shirt I won as second prize in the Pr0n Film Festival in Berlin. This is the same short film that before winning this award was banned by the OFLC here in Melbourne, with the wonderful undercover cops at the screening night checking up my film wasn't going to be sneakily played.

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