Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Bid4Vid has just launched its Online Marketplace, and their slogan is "Connects buyers with skilled local video producers in an easy-to-use marketplace".

It offers Producers and Buyers a way to network job opportunity, create content, make sales. I have nicked from their FAQ the definition of Buyers and Producers to give you some idea of the process.

"A buyer is anyone who posts a project for people to bid on.

A producer is anyone — professional, semi-pro or amateur — who can create a good-looking video or other media. Don’t confuse the term with traditional media’s narrow definition of a producer. Here it means anyone who can create a polished media work."

"Bid4Vid already contains live jobs, and we'll be filling the marketplace with more jobs over the next few weeks and months. Check out the current jobs here."

So go and have a sniff around the site, there is lots to read up on, and maybe scout yourself some opportunities.

On other news to hand the Revelation Perth International Film Festival moves to The Astor Cinema in Mt Lawley with two big cinema screens in which to show our movies. Go to their website for more information on submitting films.

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