Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A day in the life of a shoot prep.

So I've set a month in which to arrange a shoot date for my next short film, and that month is my birthday month of May. Some of the things at this point I have to do is:

1) Buy a second camera. Using 8mm technology can be precarious because of faults and having a back-up camera will keep all of us nerve free during the shoot. To see a shot of the little Austrian fella, you can view it in this post.

2) Find a suitable location, send my D.O.P in to recce it (Remind him to take stills).

3) Schedule the day with shots once I've finished the script.

4) Continue with my talent scouting.

5) Look into hire of generator (Shoot is nowhere near any electrical supply).

6) Arrange model release forms, various contracts.

7) Give the Art Director a list of instructions for props, wardrobe etc.

8) Catering.

And that about sums it up ... but what I have to deal with personally is an oncoming depression or one that has already hit, finance to pay the cast and crew (it all comes out of my own pocket and possibly my socks), my already busy hectic workload, the feeling like I just want to find the nearest Blackberry bush and curl up on some soft twigs, film stock, and all those random elements that are bound to squirt up like so much fluid from a UHT Milk carton with the awkward nozzle.

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