Saturday, 9 February 2008

Exploding Cinema

My spoken word video clip, shot and directed, and also featuring me will screen in the UK on Feb 15th as part of the Exploding Cinema night - go and have a look, it was shot entirely on green screen using a mini-DV and may I personally say came out quite well. It has an odd assortment of characters, my friend Frank plays a cactus, lots of lads and lasses in lingerie, and a weird guy with a Mohawk (me).

Friday 15th February 2007
The Half Moon Pub
10 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill
London SE24 9HU
Featuring James III and the Puritan!!!

Rail: 2 minutes from Herne Hill Station
(which is 10 mins from Victoria, Farringdon or Blackfriars)
Tube: 10 minutes walk from Brixton tube.
Buses: 3, 37, 68/468, 196, 201, 322, N37
Doors 8 pm
£5 entry (no concs)

For more information on Exploding Cinema and how to send your films goto ...

Exploding Cinema

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