Monday, 18 February 2008

Kick out the jams

Exploding Cinema in London has a few items on their rant link regarding their attitude to filmmaking and I thought it a good idea to put a few of them up here on snuffboxfilms. You may have noticed that I've begun using Courier font which looks like shit when you put it into Italics but hey, who'd be worried about such things on a trash cinema Blog, a trash Blog about trash cinema. What the hell is trash cinema anyway, I don't know, I just pull labels out of my arse mostly just to get the message across okay.

The rant begins with "LISTEN!! ALL YOU NO BUDGET FILM MAKERS, VIDEO SCRATCHERS AND UNDERGROUND MEDIA SLACKERS", it goes on to rant about how -The 'Independent' media administrators drivel on about 'access' and 'cultural democracy' - which is the same spoonfuls of spin we receive here from Media Bureaucrats who go on and on and on and on and on about "access", not to mention how excited the funding bodies, distributors and production houses are about us making films. No really, they are. They are so excited about telling us this that they forget to tell us that the reality is they wont look into something unless it stars Mick Malloy or is directed by him.

What about "cultural democracy"? Oh, that's where we can choose to either slug our way through a never ending process of 20 year pre-production processes or get a job telemarketing. Telemarketing is media based didn't you know, it uses telephones.

Exploding Cinema is a collective, they have open access to anyone wanting to join the collective, decisions are made by everyone at open meetings, there is a common ownership on equipment, any funds collected goes into making the shows better, and they are unfunded which means no silent sponsor holding a dagger to the back of content and conception. All in all a pretty good mission statement if ever.

So as a hub of collective film enthusiasts why not check out their website at Exploding Cinema or pop on down to one of their screening nights.

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