Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Pacific

This Saturday I'm going to audition as an Hispanic soldier for "The Pacific", the big busting block mini-series directed by Carl Franklin & Timothy Van Patten. You see I'm half Portuguese so I may just get away with it, although I'm not built like a soldier, I certainly could portray a sort of Woody Allen mercenary as from his film "Bananas".

Maybe they need a Radar from M.A.S.H type character desperately. Someone to dart about the battle-ground wielding walkie talkies and riding on the shoulders of a broad Captain.

Will they be thinking that all Latin soldiers must look like Antonio Banderas? I should think they shouldn't, us Hispanic/Latin types are notoriously spindly and short. As long as they don't cast me among the army catering crew as a silly Manuel type from "Fawlty Towers", but I am thinking they wont, just in case I "mention the war".

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