Saturday, 23 February 2008

Rachel Bilson

Why is this person working in movies? I know for what obvious reasons "actors" like these are cast onto big budget films but has the world gone completely mad? I took my 9yr son to the movies the other weekend and he had the choice of two films that were screening, either "Sweeney Todd" or "Jumper", after a lengthy discussion on what "Sweeney Todd" was about he chose "Jumper", although he is a big Burton fan and loves Johnny Depp tell a kid that one story is about a demon barber who slices the throats of his customers, having his lover cook them, serving the dead bodies up as pies to the public and the other story is about a guy who can jump anywhere in the world, and the kid is likely to choose the latter - in the same way as presenting a comparison between "The Shining" and "Superman", a haunted hotel where the ghosts of twin girls spook out the guests until they go mad or a man with a cape who can fly.

Anyway, it was not my choice and I like taking my eldest son to the movies. However bad "Jumper" was, even worse was this actor, Rachel Bilson, in the name of film who allowed this person to hover in front of a camera for more then two seconds? I mean really, I appreciate bad acting, in its context, bad acting is great, but this wasn't just bad acting this was extremely appalling. The sets had more depth, subtlety of expression then this girl!

The other actor, Hayden Christensen, was not much better, but this Rachel person does not deserve a salary for acting. Ursula Andress (Bond Girl) in "What's New Pussycat" did a better job of a performance as a ring in parachuter who runs around in a bikini during the final chase scenes. I rarely go and see movies that don't inspire me, but "Jumper" was like Andy Warhol making a 24hr movie out of a K-Mart catalog and even then it would be somewhat interesting.

So this Rachel Bilson, tell me? Is she a trained actor in any sense? The whole of the picture she just flung her arms about and pouted with her eye brows knitted. There were moments when Hayden delivered a line when I was waiting for her response and it came out worse then a good actor acting at being a bad actor!!!

So who gives her jobs? Who gives this person who insulted my entire time in a movie theater a job? Why isn't Centrelink onto Hollywood about this? They probably have thousands of people cued up in the Centrelink Offices who could give performances fifty times more rewarding then this person. What a joke, and a terribly unfunny one at that. I'm still reeling from having watched her parading around the screen with that empty look on her face.

They really should introduce a "Boot Camp" show for actors, put them through the ringer. Hire Dennis Hopper and some other hardliners to take them through their paces.

“Ladies and gentlemen, well may we say "God Save the cinema", because nothing will save Hollywood".

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