Monday, 11 February 2008

West Side Shorts

No not a short film festival set in New York where rival gangs of filmmakers shoot each other with 8mm cameras but West Side Victoria, Australia. This is not a festival but a screening night running every Tuesday at the Junction Hotel, why not get some down under exposure to a really local scene, the details from the press release are:

When: Tuesday 12th Feb 2008 at 8.30pm
Where: Junction Hotel, 11 Hall St Newport, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A new film night is starting in the western suburbs of Melbourne. West Side Shorts will start on the 12th February and continue throughout the year on every second Tuesday of the month. The night will be held at the stunning Junction Hotel in Newport which will blow you away with it’s new look. The night is also a continuation of the Film Networking Night which was hosted at different venues last year by Angry Productions. So after the films are finished make sure you stick around for a couple of beers or two and talk shop with fellow filmmakers and actors.

The program will start at 8.30 but you are welcome to join us at 8pm for the screening premiere of Sasha, a short film directed by Newport filmmaker Jerry Creaney.

If you are not in Australia I would bet the deal with sending your film is straight to the hotel address as above, that way Jerry will get it and email you once it is imputed into the program schedule.

The other press release that came my way is from the AWG (Australian Writer's Guild):

The Australian Writers’ Guild 41st Annual AWGIE Awards are now open for entries.

The AWGIE Awards are the Australian Writers' Guild (AWG) annual awards for excellence in screen, stage, radio and new media writing. The AWGIEs are the only peer assessed awards of excellence for performance writers with judging based on the written script - the writer's intention - rather than the finished production.

'For forty years, the AWGIE Awards have celebrated writers and their work. They are unique in the Australian performance industries in recognising the importance of the written word and rewarding writers who excel in their craft,' said AWG President Tim Pye.

AWGIE winners in 2007 included Keith Thompson for Clubland, Tommy Murphy’s adaptation of Holding the Man and Bastard Boys by Sue Smith.

The AWG’s recognition of emerging talent will continue in 2008 with the Short Form and Long Form Monte Miller Awards. These awards for unproduced scripts by an associate member of the Guild are open to all areas of performance writing including film, television and stage.

'There is extraordinary talent out there and not all of it is acknowledged, supported, or even discovered,' said Pye. 'The Monte Miller Awards help to unearth this new talent.'

The 2008 AWGIE Awards will be presented in Melbourne, Friday 15 August 2008 with the winner of the Major AWGIE, for Outstanding Australian Script of the Year, receiving the $10,000 Copyright Agency Limited Peer Recognition Prize.

A range of special prizes and fellowships will also be presented including the $40,000 Richard Wherrett Prize to be shared evenly between a playwright and the production company that first produced their play in Australia, the $25,000 Kit Denton Scholarship open to all performance writers, the $25,000 FOXTEL Fellowship for television writers and the inaugural $15,000 John Hinde Award for Science Fiction.

Entry to the 41st Annual AWGIE Awards is open to financial members of the AWG and scripts must have been produced between 1 January and 31 December 2007. For entry forms and more information, including special prizes and fellowships, go to AWG, email mailto:admin [at] or call 1300 552 228. Entries close 5.00pm, Friday 7 March 2008.

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