Saturday, 29 March 2008

Live TV

You've probably heard of Vlogs or Vlogging which takes place on YouTube and is also embedded on people's personal journals. Live TV takes that one step further with a whole website devoted to people's personal channels. Although the channels don't have to be personal reflections or broadcasts, it is actually more home television orientated with game shows, comedy shows, and music. It's social networking, with the emphasis on network.

These homemade programs are available as a live show or archived (Recorded), so whether you are following Cut that jibba jabba! or chat a berg, it makes it easy to keep tuned in. The shows are categorized also which makes it handy for anyone specialising in a live broadcast for instance Tech&Games, My Life, or How to & DIY. Searching for your show is easy with the use of tags and keywords, and the People search allows you to view who is Online, so even if you aren't interested in say a How to & DIY show about gardening, you may be interested in the gardener.

It's a very easy site to navigate around, and all you need is a Webcam, the possibilities are endless. You could even do a travel show by taking your laptop on trams and trains, broadcasting live from the next suburb as you pass that really interesting bit of graffiti that you want to show the world, or take your laptop around the coffee shops sampling and reviewing coffees.

There are forums also, so if you have any tips and suggestions for other broadcasters you can share and share alike. I guess that the reality of doing your own live show is that if you build a big enough fan base, one day a top TV executive might just offer you a series deal, you never know, all you need is one good idea.

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