Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Milano Film Festival

The Milano Film Festival in Italy is now calling for entries up until the 31st of May. Films must be produced after January 2007 and entry to the festival is free (I think so, I read the Rules very quickly). Go and read the Rules and fill in an Entry Form if you are interested in submitting. They also have an out-of-competition season called State (T)error, it is open to works of any language, format and length. Deadline is the same as the regular festival.

The blurb for State (T)error is ...

Stories depicting crimes, injustice and massacres, committed under the banner of democracy, freedom, security or religion. Terrorism as a strategy of so-called democratic governments. A deliberate, organized, thoroughly planned terrorism consisting in warfare actions, ban on dissent and slanted news coverage.

So rather then upload your "Reality Schlock" to all those brat-video sites depicting people getting lacerating and falling off skate boards, take this opportunity to collate footage showing community travesty under the banner of a free society.

As Trash Video Artists you may even consider mocking up a scene to get your point across.

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