Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Brunswickians

Whilst Richard is composing a paper on Censorship and Robert's methodology on Feature Film Production is circulating, I have put aside my essay on nouveau Soviet amateur smut, to do my bit for the film industry problem. My simple little scheme is not based around any Industry Night or Short Screen Event where filmmakers blow in and blow out rather then practise circular breathing in their congregational habits.

It is more so derived from the fact that contemporary society sees us less and less stimulated by ideas and more and more stimulated by effect, unfortunately these days we have less reason to want to sit down and think about things, and this is reflected by the now extinct Philosophy Degrees, because philosophy as tedious as it may seem was one of the ways of cracking down fundamental ideas that may have encrusted certain sectors of our community such as business, religion, domesticity, sociology etc. The art of conversing and planting the seeds has dwindled down to a few hardened thoughtful types who in the end no-one really gives two seconds to anyway. So in the tradition of all those writing movements like The Inklings, The Beats, Algonquin Round Table, The Olympiads, etc.

I have sought to create a space many, many years ago where artists could congregate once a week to refresh their insensibility and inspire each other. What I wanted to avoid was a "doing space" and create more of a thinking tank, where getting thoughts and getting tanked were each viable options. The problem in this country is dissemination of personalities and ideas which means that if we were to ever see each other we'd be mostly like ships that pass through convenient gaps in our domestic lives. So, what I have come up with is every Friday starting in two weeks a nightly/evening meet up where any artist whether they be musician, painter, writer, filmmaker, poet or actor etc can go and at least saturate their sorrows and successes amongst others essentially in the same boat or similar life-raft. These evenings are not designated to be hardened ideas palaces or knitting groups but rather casual meet-ups where the talk can be had, large or small, productive or just plan useless.

The name I have come up with is that of the Brunswickians for no other reason then the meeting place I have chosen is the back shed of the Retreat Hotel in Brunswick. The reason for this is that this particular shed offers under-cover smoking, drinking and lounging facilities no other pub or venue can really cater for. So those of us more cashed up each week can supplement the others more empty of pocket.

The time I have designated is 7:30pm every Friday starting in two weeks (16Th of may), and the duration of the evenings can be determined by those attending. Attendance is not mandatory, indeed I want the evenings to be freely open to whomever bothers or doesn't bother, regularly or irregularly to show up. This way the evening will remain loose and the hardened attendees will become the core of the meetings. Anyone is welcome to attend although what they get out of it is up to them, so whether it be a hang-over or the start of a working relationship, or just a reprieve from the ills of lack of creativity, doesn't matter a toss.

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