Friday, 11 April 2008

The Einstein Factor continues ...

Tune into The Einstein Factor on the ABC July the 13th and you'll get to see my second time around on the show up against two other contestants. When I walk into the ABC Studios I can't help but kind of "love it", the reason for this is because the ABC has a particular texture and smell I like about it. The walls are washed in government standard lavatory cream, the furniture is back stock from David Jones, the people working there are veteran television stock, and the toilet cubicles have syringe disposals in them not because the high flying ABC celebrities need a dope fix, but because after antics like Iggy Pop's appearance on Countdown, government OHS enforced a "safe" working environment for all persuasion of human.

This time around I more then appreciated my appearance on the show, as the ABC has always been a soft spot for me even though it kind of lurches behind progressive television. This time around the hot boiler that had run dry of hot water was perfectly fitting, the snacks Glad/Cling wrapped on the table beautifully preserved, and the clunky Barber's chairs in the make-up department an absolute necessity. I can't say if I won or not because that would ruin the surprise but what I will say is that the June 13th episode will be a good one for debate and scandal, in the ABC way of course.

Let's just say I had my lectern moment to defend the genius of Benny Hill against those who might spite his name without efficient reasoning, and I should have added that there is no "accounting for taste otherwise entertainment would be incredibly taxing", that's a pun by the way in the most dry sense of the word. Imagine a world of politically correct comedy, we'd all be mad about Family Ties.

Photo pinched from Benny's Place.

Anyway, I've always said that Benny is not to everyones taste but within reason, the aptitude that Benny proved in delivering a prolific number of sketches, most innovative in the medium of television, and might I say social commentary, is phenomenal.

I also had a brief yarn with Peter Berner regarding "60 Second Relief", pulled from the Melbourne Underground Film Festival by the OFLC only to pick up 2nd prize in Berlin at an Indie Festival. Probably the first time that a small risqué work of this proportion has had the opportunity to lick its wounds on national television, and what television it will be.

For those who aren't able to access the ABC, never fear, they now feature the episodes to download off the net and I'll post the link as soon as the episode is up there. Otherwise catch this startling portrait of myself last time I graced the show with my topic of Errol Flynn.

Lastly and off topic, I watched Stranger then Fiction which I thought bloody brilliant but loathed the ending, they did the same kind of thing with Bad Santa where easily they could have gotten the point across and made a more poignant film had they proved that comedy is tragedy no matter how you make your curtain call. The film actually would have been more evolved without the "happy everything is alright ending" but it is those who think that fiction exists outside the mind that can't bare to see life suck in no uncertain terms.

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