Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Free Range TV Film Festival

I can't believe how time buzzes by but it is that time of year again for submitting your work to the Free Range TV Film Festival for 2008. The theme this time around is make a 30-second film that captures the buzz in your community, so whether it be the trip down to the letterbox in the morning to grumble over the bills or a commercial promoting the wild fun world of your local playground, or the 30-second run down to the milk-bar to fetch milk before the coffee goes cold, this is the festival for it.

It is also a great way to get involved with Northern Access Television, you can also get your friends to vote for your film online and you could both win a prize in the People’s Choice Award. Best of all this festival is not only free but held at a cool establishment known as The Noise Bar in Brunswick, broadcasters of Noise TV. You film doesn't have to be local though, entries accepted from all around the world.

Go to their YouTube Channel and check out the previous winners and entrants.

Entries close 9th May 2008.

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