Saturday, 5 April 2008

Orion Media

Recently I had the pleasure of taking the family to Orion Media to do some Green Screen shooting for their Green Layers website where as an innovative idea, Orion has shot around 10, 000 micro-clips to be available as stock footage priced reasonably for independent films, short films, music clips, feature films, commercials, website banners, and any other media seeking footage they might otherwise be unable to afford.

Orion boast the largest Green Screen studio in Australia, not exactly in a central location but if you have a car then the drive isn't too bad along the streaming highways. You get your own dressing room on arrival and hair/make-up is all taken care of. The only thing is that the dressing rooms are a bit bare, and although water is supplied, some bins and perhaps nibbles wouldn't have gone astray. That isn't to say you can't grab a bite to eat there, my nine year old had a nice toasted sandwich made for him but you do have to ask. The shoot goes for about four hours, and although the initial shoot is unpaid, you are contracted to receive royalties over a period of years that your clip is available and depended upon the amount of downloads.

The whole family got involved, and my nine month old son did a fantastic job in front of the camera, crawling around and pushing a trolley. At that age children can be susceptible to being frightened of unusual spaces but he took to it accordingly and seemed to enjoy being the centre of attention. My eldest son however is at that age where he'd really like to do these things but is somewhat shy, entering into that self conscious borderline pre-teen era where the right attitude and t-shits are the most important thing, mucking about in front of people is all done controlled in case any "cool" is lost. On the whole the shoot flew by, and hopefully we'll be back to boost up our profiles with some more specific character stuff.

On an observational note which has nothing to do with Orion Media except you see a lot of these people casted to these kind of places from bulk casting agencies, and also considering that in the world of film it is pretty useless having a whole bunch of homogenised people wandering around sets and locations posing as real people who we know are more interesting if they comply to what the natural state of the real population exist of. I am talking about young guy models who have hair like the example I have shown below.

Not only do they have hair like this but they dress the same also. I remember once sitting in a kebab store waiting on my order, and sitting at a table not far from me were four guys dressed exactly the same with these same ridiculous hair-cuts. To be perfectly honest it appeared like a prank or some unfortunate incident that had lead these guys to end up looking so freakishly styled in unison - such as all coming out of the same hospital as fashion victims that sadly could only be patched up using the one medical procedure that although outdated is used to cut costs. More then that it is a terrible look, worse then any K-Mart 1980's look, really, it doesn't smell like teen spirit, it smells like Old Spice or Brute 33, or todays equivalent, Lynx.

It seems though, that everyone in this category thinks that the same generic appearance in some way is the road upon which to travel to success, alright, maybe in the land of bad television like Australian Idol or Breakfast Radio, but that's about it chums. When intelligence and talent has been tossed aside for poor style then I'd be putting on my CV, "Interested in Woolworth's Catalogue work and Pay-Television Pop Teen Lifestyle Programs", nothing else because you can forget it. If you want to date extremely quickly and I'm not talking dinner with girls, then tailor your appearance like this, some day you'll find a few hardened fringe populists talking favourably about your look in the same way that they might Bros or The Fine Young Cannibals but that's about it.

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