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I have an affinity with Wales being that I'm half Welsh and I have an affinity with Ken Russell being that I share many similar aesthetics in my own work with that of Ken's films. Not to mention he named one of his offspring after me (Just kidding) but funnily so Rupert Russell played "Ruperts" both in Lady Chatterly and The Rainbow.

So, I thought I'd Blog about Ken "examining the way art can challenge boundaries by using shock tactics, at an event organised by the University of Wales, Newport at the Riverfront Theatre on Wednesday 16th April."

The even starts fom 10am to 5pm, cost £20 (£10 concessions). To book tickets and for more details contact the Riverfront Box Office on 01633 656757.

Ken Russell with others will discuss how "shock, chaos, disorder and disruption to make points about resistance and subversion in the face of a global society where culture is becoming increasingly standardised." Ken has been a visiting professor at the University of Wales since 2004, and I have a feeling that Wales will be one of the surprise countries producing Digital works that hopefully someday will dilute this mass market of ideas.

I worry sometimes I'm just one of the same old soothsayers getting somewhat long in my tooth making these forecasts that the attitude towards what we want to see delivered to us in film narrative will change. I still think that the people have to change, not the filmmakers. We have plenty of filmmakers who can make radical explorations on the big screen, it is whether or not the audiences want to see that kind of stuff that determines whether or not films get made.

I have just started making some more progress on one of my own feature scripts, planned to be shot on double 8mm but what are the chances of it ever getting made? Who is going to want to produce something for nothing? This is the way it is, where are all the crank production houses running out of abandoned buildings making film after film for tax breaks? I want some guy in a bare office telling me to go away and make the film so he can lose money and claim his losses against his other earnings.

Ken Russell is one of the last champions of true cinema, as with Peter Greenaway and Terry Gilliam, these aging men of the silver hair and screen continue to sit on their position about creativity stubbornly and with an arrogance you can only be inspired by, but they've done it all haven't they? They've made countless journeys into production and have shelves lined with their own work.

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