Wednesday, 9 April 2008

$trapped Cinema

I came across $trapped Cinema whilst perusing some of the classifieds on Filmnet, amusing myself with adverts that feel by including a reference to a director either having won an award (Award Winning Director) or having screened globally (Internationally Exhibited Director) that in some way it sells the production. The thing is, my films have screened internationally and won awards, but me as an Internationally Recognised Award Winning Director (i.e. A couple of t-shirts from Berlin for 2nd prize in an Indie Film Comp or my work somehow always ending up in the poorest Eastern European country as part of an underground screening event) would almost seem like a bit of a lark if I pushed the point to rope in cast and crew, but it does work, even though most of us could slap those titles to our profiles, it still impresses a lot of hopefuls looking for a foot in the door or the seasoned veterans hoping that the production company really pushes that status all the way to the top.

In any case, I just find it amusing. It is like a sig or tagline for budding filmmakers to use once a few doors have opened, even if the doors swing off there hinges from a burnt out shack in the Ukraine, it still represents the ever vigilant optimism we dredge for ourselves in the world of film production. Enough of this prattle however, this post is to do with $trapped, a film production company targeted towards the low-budget filmmaker where you can hire out a HVX200 for $130, a Dolly for $30, a Jib, Green Screen and even a Studio all delivered in the boot of the production company coordinator's little Lancer (Except for the Studio unless the Lancer is the Studio or a fold-out tent). They have other equipment too but it is all about saving dosh and getting the lot rather then sourcing a million things from a million places.

More people should be doing what $trapped Cinema is doing by creating portable on demand film equipment, that way for a small lump sum all the stress in hiring equipment can be put aside so that more stress can be devoted to things like location, talent and crew. Perhaps even $trapped could consider making their production house a franchise? Since $trapped operate in Victoria but with a little business acumen they could set up $trapped in all states, even some other countries.
What a good idea.

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