Thursday, 3 April 2008

Trasharama A-go-go 2008

Time really flies, actually it is more like hurling that alarm clock against the wall. The "Freakers" at Trasharama A-go-go are once again seeking "horror, sci-fi, bad taste comedies, dodgymentaries and anything else you would consider low-brow entertainment" to be squeezed out around Australia in their tackless touring film festival.

Trasharama has been running since 1997 making them incredibly daggy as we all know anything produced in the 90's now has been honored with stigma as attached to the 60's, 70's and 80's. This makes Trasharama officially "so uncool it's cool" which is exactly what it should be. Don't worry about when you made your ode to bad taste as there isn't any restrictions on the age of the film, so if you bombed out in 1955 and made a few dirty dentists reels then send them in! The entry fee is also only $10 Australian (Entry fee for entries postmarked between Aug 14th and Sept 9th will be AUD$15, International entries exempt) which hasn't changed since the begining, so buy Dick n' Jero a drink if you see them because these guys aren't making a cent from carting your films across the country.

If you don't live in Australia then don't worry, they still want your films, so whether you live in the Ukraine or Oman, get those entries in even if you have to smuggle them by bribing the masseuse on an ocean liner, and if you have trouble paying the entry fee why not ask Dick 'n' Jero whether they'll take a nice Rolex or livestock as payment. You just never know.

Go see the Conditions of Entry or just skip the fine-print and download the Entry Form.

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