Wednesday, 9 April 2008

World Naked Bike Ride Movies

Have you ever thought about Naked Bike Riding Cinema? Well, probably not but here is an opportunity for the Melbourne public to enjoy an evening of nude cycling on the silver screen. Friday 11th of April from 5:30pm until 6pm at Bar Open (317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy).

None of the films have been screened in Melbourne before and they represent biketivism, environmentalism, pacifism or naturism. The program is ...

World Naked Bike Ride, The Documentary by High Altitude Films from the UK about the WNBR London in 2004 and 2005 (this film was selected as a finalist in the Wildscreen International Film Festival 2006).

Indecent Exposure to Cars: The Story of the World Naked Bike Ride! by Conrad Schmidt. Ragtag Productions, 2007. 60 minute feature length film tells the story of WNBR and features footage of many of the WNBRs held around the world plus interviews with many prominent coordinators and organisers.

Along for the ride a no_e production. Shot and edited by Yasmin Bright. 10min short documentary film about the WNBR Nudecastle 2007. Winner of the People's Choice Award at the 2007 Cultural Stomp.

Various short films documenting the first Brighton and Hove UK WNBR in 2006. There are about a dozen of these.

Cycle Activists of Newcastle Australia by Rowanmacs Photography and Novacast. A 30min film documenting bike activism (including Critical Mass, WNBR and the White Bicycle Project) in Newcastle and the fight to save the rail.

Painted Cyclists, 2004 Fremont Solstice Ride shot and edited by Jimmy and Elizabeth, still photos by John Cornicello.

Naked and Painted: Solstice Riders 2003 Shindig Productions in association with Freecycles Propoganda. Shot by Master Ken Martin, The Amazing Steve, Jimmy Cleary. Edited by Jimmy Cleary.

Other WNBR and Biketivism films and there are too many to list here

So even if you are just curious about what happens when happy-go-lucky folk undress for some pedaling in the healthy air or just want to catch some non-mainstream cinema that focuses on niche cultural phenomenons then cycle on in ... err ... ahh ... naked?

I wonder if they should have a performance artist in the venue cycling on an exercise bike in the nude like someone powering the film projector?

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