Wednesday, 28 May 2008

2008 Lausanne Underground Film Festival

Anything free is too good to pass up although at the moment my aim for deadlines has been slightly askew. I poached this festival from BadLit, it's the 2008 Lausanne Underground Film Festival or LUFF as the popular festival ACRONYM usage goes, Switzerland, another good reason to promote it as personally I've found the Swiss very accomodating when it comes to issues of censorship, and by that I mean, they are open minded and less likely to block your work if it features material intended for grown-ups.

There is no entry fee and the deadline is June 15th so hurry, get in cue at your local post office or apply Online.

I'm thinking of creating a film festival called NAFF which stands for No ACRONYM Film Festival, now isn't that just a naff idea if ever there was one.

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