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Bolzano ShortFilmFestival 2008

This post is in part in Italian and English because some of it has been copied from the press release, the Bolzano Short Film Festival is open again for entries. Last year I sent them "60 Second Relief" and "The Film that John Lennon couldn't make" but perhaps I was not the Italian Stallion enough to impress, possibly I was too much the Welsh Leek, or Portuguese Tart. This is all beside the point, but if I continuously tell you how many festivals I get rejected from perhaps it can only endeavor to boost your self-esteem and make you feel better.

There are three sections to the Bolzano Short Film Festival, last year I think there were only two. The first is Opere Nuove, which is the general section I believe, No Words is as it says is film that uses music, sound etc but I think this is where I made my mistake as my films contain text, and lastly ShortFilm Experiment where entrants can have work displayed through-out the festival in an exhibition format on large displays.

- 5th NO WORDS - International no-dialogue short film competition.
In this competition, the film/video must be understood through the strength of the images only. Music, sounds, environment background noises, etc. are accepted. Films/videos without dialogues, about any topics, produced 2006, 2007 or 2008 can be submitted.

- 5° NO WORDS - Festival internazionale del film corto senza parole.
Possono essere iscritti cortometraggi senza dialoghi realizzati nel 2006, 2007 e 2008 con durata massima di 30 minuti. Il tema è libero.

- 40th OPERE NUOVE - Short film competition for italian films.
Competition for italian filmmakers, italian producers or films in italian language only.

- 40° OPERE NUOVE - Festival nazionale dedicato al cortometraggio.
Possono partecipare opere con durata massima di 30 minuti, realizzate nel 2007 o 2008. Il tema è libero.

- 4th SHORT FILM EXPERIMENT - Short film competition for experimental films.
Experimental short films produced 2006, 2007 or 2008 can be submitted.

- 4° SHORT FILM EXPERIMENT - Festival internazionale per cortometraggi sperimentali.
Possono partecipare cortometraggi sperimentali realizzati nel 2006, 2007 o 2008. Il tema è libero.

Free entry for all competitions! Total prizes amount: € 5500
Iscrizione gratuita a tutte le sezioni! Montepremi totale: € 5500

Deadline for all competitions: June 30th 2008
Deadline per tutte le sezioni: 30 giugno 2008

For further information, and for the online-submission of your works we invite you to visit our website: or contact us at .

Per maggiori informazioni e per l'iscrizione on-line consultate il nostro sito: oppure contattateci a .

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