Friday, 23 May 2008

Free Range Film Festival - Minnesota

Believe it or not there are two Free Range Film Festivals, well what's not to believe about that? One is definitely in Melbourne and the other beginning with the same letter of the alphabet in its geographical title is in Minnesota. One screens out of a pub and the other, a barn, one ends with the letter "b" and the other begins with it. All these commonalities yet such vast differences between the two except that they both screen films of course which is a major commonality that unites both festivals.

Free Range Film Festival in Minnesota want "any film, video or kinescope nurtured without the use of pesticides, growth hormones or a distribution deal from a fancy-pants Hollywood studio". They screen the films in a barn built in 1916, which backwards is 9161, and hey, if you think I was making some conspiracy point, then you're wrong, I was purely mucking about with typography.

Entries for the Free Range Minnesota Film Festival closes on June 15th and five bucks is all it takes to cover the cost of their enormous popcorn machine, I saw a picture of it on their website. How can you get there? Well, I thought their directions map neat so I've reproduced it here.

Oh and the judges for the Free Range Film Festival Melbourne have been announced, they are Anna Brownfield (The Band, The Money Shot), Adam Zwar (Wilfred, Rats and Cats, The Wedge), Edward Semkowski (3NRG Radio), and Ben Pollock (Madman Entertainment). So, get those films in pronto!

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