Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Rats and Cats

You aren't supposed to go plugging friend's films before you've actually seen the film yourself but considering I have four friends in this film worth their weight in talent and additionally the lovely Jess Beazley who appeared in LoS, my own feature effort, still in post-production, indeed it took Rats and Cats six years to get to this point, so I know that I am on track with LoS.

At this rate I can look forward to at least eight good Australian feature films before I'm dead at eighty, or if my sums are right and being an Underground filmmaker that I am, twice as much time is needed to have a feature film see the light of day, I can look forward to making at least four feature films before I die.

Holy crap, when I think of Manoel de Oliveira making his 47th film at 99 yrs old, working in a country notorious for cultural censorship when it was under Salazar - funny all this, how can Australia have suffered so much, where the heck is our Salazar? I want a Salazar, at least then I'd feel like there was a reasonable excuse.

Recently I had a bit of a laugh at my expense watching Renwick's "One Foot in the Grave" when next door neighbour Patrick's twin brother comes to stay and he's bought a globe with two Northern hemispheres accidentally printed on it, and one of his responses to the fellow that sold him it was "Although having no Australia on it would not be any great cultural disadvantage it still doesn't mean I don't want it fixed" or some such line.

Anyway, back to Rats and Cats, I hope it at least pulls in some decent revenue. It reminds me when another friend of mine, Clinton Smith, made a feature called Sample People, and what he struggled with to get that one aired.

Unfortunately Clinton had to go back to advertising work just to make ends meet after the "big push". It is like that, getting your feature out of the trenches and into the field, hoping it will cross the border and not get shot down. Sample People even had Kylie Minogue in it, which incidentally gave the work a happy ending because when she recently did her world tour, all her fans everywhere else in the world suddenly found this little feature she did and started asking "Hey, why haven't we heard about this?", the revenue from over-seas sales thankfully topped up the tip jar in this instance.

You can visit the Rats and Cats website here.

Also, here is the list of selected cinemas screening in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Oh, and here is the trailer.

What snippets I have seen are quite entertaining and they even self-reference Australian cinema with ...

Darren on the Australian film industry:

Darren: See, a lot of people say they want to see Australian films. But they don’t. Not interested. The film ends up sinking cos the Australian public won’t get off their arses and support Australian films.

Ben: Why do you think that is?

Darren: Cos they’re shit.


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