Thursday, 15 May 2008

RMIT Student Film Awards

RMIT Union Arts is offering every Wednesday at the Kaleide Cinema (Building 8, Level 2) free lunchtime cinema screenings for students and staff at 12:30pm. So dart down to Don Dons, grab yourself some teriyaki, race back up to the Kaleide Theatre and let the day's idiocy waft away, losing yourself in nitrocellulose and camphor.

The RMIT Student Film Award deadline is fast approaching, entries close Friday May 23at 5pm sharp. Entries are not just restricted to current students but recent graduates also have the ability to submit work - I consider myself a recent graduate, once a graduate always a graduate. I should really submit my short "Errol Flynn's Pianist" but at the moment like so much of my recently completed work, it is going through some tweaking, you know, like grabbing a person's nose and giving it a gentle twist.

Details of the RMIT Student Film Awards can be found here. I spent a lengthy duration of time at RMIT University, it was where I did my under-graduate degree and Masters. So pretty much seven years all up, but they were a good seven years and as far as Universities go, RMIT was one of the best as far as being able to express yourself and engage with the staff - in more ways then one in my case ;)

In other news, my son's rabbit Floppy tragically died today (Last night actually), if you get this Saturday's Age, he has registered his respects in the Death Notices.

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