Tuesday, 13 May 2008

snuffboxfilms in Tokelau

As one might have a Swiss bank account, as one might have an office in Geneva, one might indeed consider, if one were running an Underground Film business, an office on the small Island of Tokelau. Yes, certainly you can still reach snuffboxfilms at its good old Blogspot address but I am now living and working from a small shack situated on a patch of sand by an inlet of Tokelau, so when telling your friends or foes (When you're a pirouetting, highkicking thighslaping cruiser, When you're a hipgrinding, spellbinding clean cut seducer.) you can let them know it is www.snuffboxfilms.tk, you see time I have now set aside listening to the Asperges me Domine and writing scripts is time well spent, Melbourne was giving me the shits anyway, too much docusate in the tap water.

So, I bought myself the cheapest red silk suit I could, one of the back stock items from Sirs on Sydney Rd, which is sadly closing down as Brunswick transforms from its wonderful facade of mafia run shops to a collectors pop art book store and cafe precinct.

I packed my Crocodile skin suitcases, and bought myself one of those caps Eastern European peasants find so popular. I don't boast any great quantity of film equipment except what I managed to beg from RMIT three years ago, mainly a Super VHS camera with a faulty battery charger, but it is here I shall be making my epic or myopic ... "One Hundred Days of Silly Tunes on Tokelau".

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