Saturday, 3 May 2008

St Kilda Film Festival Spies

I am sending two investigative agents to the St Kilda Film Festival Opening Night on Tuesday the 6th of May to review the event. These spies know what they know about film and that's it, they aren't regular film buffs. As with sending Dale Slamma to the Sydney Underground Film Festival, I am hoping their reports point to an angle of difference on the regular write-ups we are bound to read. One of them will at least growl effectively at the lemon & lime brigade and the other's sense of humor should undo any politically correct sentimentalities ushered across the theatre in pursed silence by hooting I'm hoping.

The two under-cover agents will be revealed next week. Things have been pretty quiet around here on the snuffboxfilms Blog, but in actual life things have been pretty hectic, so I guess that is always the way. Currently I am partitioning a few scripts for an upcoming television series I want to put into production and that causes hermit behavior. One thing I did manage to make was a digital business card that I can easily MMS or Bluetooth to people rather then pull out someone else's business card from my wallet and scribble my details on the back of it.

The only entertainment I have been watching is David Renwick's series "One Foot in the Grave" starring Richard Wilson. Renwick is one of Britain's most talented contemporary writers having written for The Two Ronnies and Not The Nine O'Clock News. Richard Wilson of course plays the cantankerous Victor Meldrew and sometimes it just fits perfectly after having a soiled day where everything goes wrong and everyone bugs you somehow. Along with "Open All Hours", "One Foot in the Grave" is in my top ten of television series, a dag I know I am, but it is just so damn amusing to me, everyone else can go and love Raymond.

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