Thursday, 12 June 2008

2008 Polyester Prince Road Show

"Since 1998, the Polyester Prince Road Show has brought an amazing and enchanting array of small format films to audiences around the globe. By incorporating live music, bingo, prizes and surprises, the Road Show transcends the silver screen to become an interactive community event."

A Californian event, the Polyester Prince Road Show began by screening Super 8 which they still have an unquencheable passion for but these days will screen films from any medium. There is no fee or deadline for submissions. That suits the likes of us who can't be bothered with such things. What is a deadline anyway? Fluffed actor's speak? A cue where the teller has shut? The borders of the USSR?

I should get more organised in my Blogroll for these festivals but if you keep on coming back here to snuffboxfilms you are sure to get at least one fresh one every week unless I'm extremely busy or off the rails.

Speaking of "Off the Rails", take a look at friend of mine and his showreel. His latest film "Ron the ZooKeeper" which you can view snippets of here, has taken him to all sorts of places in Europe and also landed him some funding for a feature film deal. One thing I've always admired about Darcy is that he makes the effort to apply himself in person into the film market but also isn't afraid to create something a bit different like "Ron the ZooKeeper", as typically in the Claymation genre, our funding bodies want to see sad Leunig like figures rolling about in cute dilemmas with holistic esoteric outcomes.

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