Thursday, 12 June 2008

Aurora Picture Show

Aurora Picture Show screens out of Houston in Texas, they describe their screening policy "as a home for vanguard work that falls outside of conventional moviemaking" and host screenings through-out the year. Aurora keeps a video library of films that are available for viewing on a non-circulating basis.

They are also a member of the Fresh Arts Coalition which is a Houston based progressive arts collaboration and run as a non-profit organization.

If you wish to submit your film to the Aurora Picture Show, they are currently accepting entries to their 2009 season. In their mission statement they do potentially waiver the fee for those hard pressed on cash.

"Aurora" is the ancient Roman Goddess of the dawn, and in meteorological terms it represents a radiant emission from the upper atmosphere, but this all has little to do with The Aurora Picture Show which has everything to do with showing films.

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